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Grow Smart. Grow Fast. Grow Global!

 Accelerating Growth and Creating Value for Businesses  

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Is Your Business Facing One or More of These Situations:

  • You are always busy, and don’t seem to have time for anything else. 

  • There is no leadership in the company to rely on. You always need to do everything yourself.

  • You are not sure of what to achieve in long term as you do not have time to plan.   

  • You want to expand to international market, you have actively participated in overseas   exhibitions, trade missions but still not much results.

  • You are not focused – you are always distracted to explore new products and opportunities.

  • You want to set up your business/factory or look for local partner in Malaysia or ASEAN countries but don't know who can assist you.

  • And many more….


If you are one of those companies that are facing some of the situations above, then you have come to the right place.

SMITA CONSULTING is an international business growth consulting and advisory firm which focuses on understanding a company’s objectives and desired goals, recognising its key challenges and providing strategic advice that is able to generate results and drive financial success.

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Our business consultants and advisors will help you to identify the weak areas of your business – from top to bottom and customise an action plan to strengthen those areas.

When implemented, our action plan can help to drive revenue, increase sales, improve company performance towards international growth.

Want to know more? Talk to us. ACT NOW! Give us a call at +6012 363 7488 or email us an enquiry TODAY!


 Grow Your Business To The Next Level! 

Growing a healthy and sustainable business can be tough: having corporate strategy and business roadmaps are not enough to help companies achieve their goals and desired results. SMITA CONSULTING is able to provide implementation support to operationalise and achieve your business goals. 

SMITA CONSULTING can also help you to find talents with the right skills set so that your company can stay focused on the right business directions and discover new revenue streams that will push your business forward.

Our Core Services


We offer a comprehensive range of essential services which are crucial in supporting the growth and success of your business.

Core Service

Business Health Check (BHC)

BHC is specially designed by SMITA CONSULTING  to diagnose a company's health from top to bottom, to ensure it is in good shape to face business challenges and ready for business growth.

Core Service

5-Dimension (5-D) Business Support
Program (BSP)

5-D BSP is a customised process designed for your business to help you focus on the areas that are most important while ensuring that you are making progress towards your goal.

Core Service

Sourcing for Funds

We customise the best and most suitable financing solutions to support your company's short-, medium- and long-term financing needs with our extensive network of panels financiers.

Core Service

Corporate Advisory and Corporate Governance

Our corporate advisory services are spread over a vast spectrum of corporate activity i.e. project advisory, restructuring, investments, divestments and corporate finance, etc. 

We also assist our clients with Corporate Governance issues, risk management and other corporate matters.

Other Service

Digital Transformation and Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0)

We provides consulting and advisory to business owners to identify areas for Digital Transformation and Industrial Revolution 4.0 or better known as IR4.0.

Other Service

Loan Review and Restructuring

SMITA CONSULTING conducts review of existing financing facilities of companies to look into areas where refinancing/restructuring will not only reduce costs but provide additional funds for business expansion and growth.

Other Service

Formulation of Business Plan

We formulate business plans that help business owners achieve both short-term and long-term goals and make business ideas succeed.

The business plan is used to attract investors, strategic partners as well as to make business more efficient.

Other Service

Branding and Marketing Strategy For Export Market

We provides consulting and advisory on branding and strategic action plan focusing on marketing strategy for international markets. 

Other Service

Setting Up Businesses In Malaysia, ASEAN and Other Countries

We assists companies in setting up businesses in Malaysia, ASEAN and other countries based on every country's unique procedures and regulations.

Other Support Services

Other Support Services

  • ISO, MS (Malaysia Standards), Halal, and Other Certification Consultancy

  • Market Research and Feasibility Studies

  • Employees and Talent Recruitment

  • Consultancy and Advisory for Startups

Our Other Services
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