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Bright Solutions, Profitable Results

Businesses are now on the quest towards digitalisation and participation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0). It is no longer an option but a necessity to ensure business continuity. However, many business owners rush into this without analysing the impact to the existing business operations and mitigating the new risks that arise from this.


SMITA CONSULTING provides consulting and advisory to business owners to identify areas for Digital Transformation and IR4.0  while also detailing the impact of such investments.


Automation is a major component of IR4.0. The application of both automation and digital processes in manufacturing allows operations to be more flexible, energy-efficient, resource-saving. It also improves reliability, effectiveness and safety while reducing operation and downtime costs.

Due  diligence  on  technology  providers  is  done  by SMITA CONSULTING to  ensure  credibility  and reliability of these parties in managing internal private and confidential information and trade secrets of companies.

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